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Instagram Asked Me To Change My Password
Instagram Asked Me To Change My Password

If Instagram asked you to changed your password due to suspicious activity do not be alarmed.

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Short version: Your account is safe!

If you received a prompt from Instagram to change your password, don't stress.

This happens because Instagram AI wanted to make sure you were not a “bot” account.

There are tens of millions of bot accounts on Instagram that perform daily actions and when the AI flags an account, it’s just a security measure on their end.

Bot accounts will not change their password because it is not run by humans but by a software script. This is how Instagram manages and removes bot accounts on their platform by the way.

Your account is in good hands - don’t worry.

Update Password

Step 1

Once you changed your password, login to your growth tool and click the 3 icons in the top right.

Step 2

Once you click the 3 buttons, select change password, then enter your new password.

Step 3

Enter your new password, then click save.

Step 4

Head over to your Growth Tool and click Start Tasks to turn your Growth Tool back on.

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