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How to set up manual activity time for your Growth Tool

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Configuring your activity time is vital to ensuring your Instagram account's safety and consistent performance. This feature empowers you to customize activity times for every hour and day of the week.
You have the flexibility to set these times manually or opt for randomized actions according to your preference.


  • White / Paused - No story interaction

  • Blue / Active - Story interaction

Turn On / Off

To activate the activity time feature and configure the specific days and hours for your accounts to view and interact with stories, simply select the checkbox.

If you do not enable this feature, your account will not run properly.

Manual Activity

To choose the specific time and days for running your account, simply click on the white boxes, and they will be highlighted in blue.
This user-friendly process allows for easy selection of the desired time and days for running your account.

Recommend Settings

We recommend running your Growth Tool 14-18 hours per day, Monday through Sunday, between 8am - 1am.

  • Time: 14-18 hours per day

  • Hours: 8 am - 1 am

  • Schedule: Randomize or manually select

  • Days: Monday - Sunday

1. Select The Days / Times

By clicking the white box, it will turn blue. This means the Growth Tool will run during these hours. Remember, BLUE = ACTIVE, WHITE = PAUSED.

2. End Result

If you follow our recommended settings, it should look something like this. Make sure to click UPDATE SETTINGS so this is applied to your Growth Tool.

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