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An explanation of how story stickers stories work

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Story actions refer to the various types of engagements your account will initiate when interacting with users' Instagram stories. We interact with users based on the targeting that you input.
All packages include the capability to view and like stories. However, our advanced and self-managed packages offer additional functionality, allowing you to actively engage with store stickers such as polls, poll sliders, quizzes, and countdowns.

Recommended Settings

  • Polls

  • Poll Sliders

  • Quiz

  • Countdowns

  • 30 Day Interactions

Story Stickers

Leveraging story stickers is an excellent strategy to amplify your growth and engagement. While viewing and liking a story is beneficial, actively engaging with story stickers significantly boosts the conversion rate to new followers and engagement.
This valuable feature is exclusively available in our advanced and self-managed package, enabling you to capitalize on these opportunities for increased results.

With our Instagram story reactions, we can interact with 4 engaging options. Your Growth Tool will interact with Instagram story stickers, selecting results based on our AI technology.

πŸ’‘ We highly recommend selecting all four options or a combination of them to achieve optimal results.
​Polls - a yes or no question

Poll Slider - a question that involves a slider to rate the question

Quiz - a question where you have to answer by selecting A B or C

Countdown - a response to an event

Interaction Frequency

This setting enables you to determine the frequency of interactions with individual users. We recommend selecting a frequency of once per 30 days for optimal results. This approach strikes a balance between maintaining engagement without overwhelming the user with excessive interactions.

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