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Story Views & Likes

An explanation of how viewing and liking stories work.

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Story actions refer to the various types of engagements your account will initiate when interacting with users' Instagram stories. We interact with users based on the targeting that you input.
All packages include the capability to view and like stories. Our advanced packages have the options to interact with Instagram story stickers which help the convert actions into more followers and engagement.

Recommend Settings

  • View Stories

  • Like Stories

  • Like Highlighted Stories

  • 30 Day Interactions

View & Like Stories

Story viewing and liking are two essential features available across all our packages. These features are absolutely crucial for experiencing the best results with our service.
Liking stories, in particular, is a game-changer and the driving force behind most of the positive outcomes. So, be sure to check the box for story viewing and liking to maximize your results.

πŸ’‘Enable All 3 To Maximize Results
​View stories - enables your account to view Instagram stories
​Like stories - enable your account to like Instagram stories.
​Like highlighted stories - enabled you to like highlighted stories

Interaction Frequency

This setting enables you to determine the frequency of interactions with individual users. We recommend selecting a frequency of once per 30 days for optimal results.
This approach strikes a balance between maintaining engagement without overwhelming the user with excessive interactions.

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